New Air Al-100R 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker in Red

New Air Al-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker with 50 LBS of Daily Capacity

There are hundreds of companies which are providing the same product with a concentric approach of marketing with infusion of different features at the proper manufacturing satisfaction. Some are giving in the high competition to other organizations which are offering the product’s alignments but not getting to the former’s level to touch the edge.
If one says ‘ice’, it clearly means that there is some beverage around; and if one asks about ice maker then surely a party is coming over at home to put the house at waves of fun. These are the occasions where ice makers are the most essential part of the kitchen because we can avoid hot food but we cannot compromise upon hot drinks in summer. According to recent research, the demand of ice makers prominently grows up during the summer season and people tend to buy more of the awesome featured ice makers with advanced technology. People get confused often times and get stuck as well between the most advanced and least advanced because the features in any product could lack the symmetry of services the particular brand promised to provide.
All the talk at once that there is continuous demand of the ice makers by the people and people chose the best one among all the presented ice makers; so there are some salient features which make this ice-maker the most appropriate choice.
Salient Features of New Air Al-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice maker:
New Air Al-100R 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker in Red• Proper LED Light Panel: This incredible portable ice maker has the unique feature of LED light panel which provides the user to see clearly even in the dark as well. That LED light panel is totally touch screen and installation of choices is fantastically very observant.
• Self-Cleaning Function to Lessen the Efforts: With all the other advance features, there is the most advance feature is that this portable ice-maker stay true to its perpetual design since it gets clean up by itself; there is no human hand required to clean the vessel inside of the ice-maker.
• Convenient Classic Design: This adorable portable ice-maker is manufactured by the classic minds after taking in account all the needs of the consumer and infused it with luxurious and stylish looking body which fulfills the want of best quality product of the consumer. You can take it on the boats and also take it out for the journey. It has got the sleek design and cleverly manufacturing which makes it get fixed into the kitchen cabinets as well.
The consumers who have bought this item seem very proponent about buying this portable ice maker which has the quality of producing 50 LBS of ice on daily purpose. This is far more enough than to take as a normal production. That is why people seem very much satisfied with the advanced technology fitted into this fantastic ice-maker since it comes very handy during summer days, home party, traveling and also proficient in professional use.

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Making A Cutting Board For Your Kitchen

Cutting board is one of the essential tools in the kitchen for housework. If you are skillful and are a woodwork lover, you can make a cutting board by yourselves instead of spending much of money on buying the new one because this tool is quite simple and does not require lots of effort. In addition, with your handmade cutting board, you can give it to your relative or friend who love cooking, it is certain that they will highly appreciate your gift.

In order to make a chopping board, you need to prepare a piece of good wood which is not too small or too big, you can depend on your need to decide the size of your cutting board. This piece of wood can be taken advantage from the leftover wood in your house or you can buy from the carpenter ‘shop. The second important tool you need to have is the best band saw for woodworking so that you can easy to saw and cut the wood. The third one you need is a plane to smooth the wood. In addition, you also need the assistance of a food grade mineral oil and a driller.

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 Steps to make a cutting board:

Cutting into flat board

You can use your band saw to cut the piece of wood into a flat board. Then you put this board on a flat surface to check whether it is totally flat or still rough.

Smoothing the board

If there are some positions on the board is rough, you need to use the plane to smooth them. You should hold the plane tightly in order to control the place it planes. This step need be done carefully because if you do not concentrate, your board will be too thin or uneven. After smoothing the board, you need to ensure that both faces of it are parallel and smooth.

In order to make the board perfect, you need also solve the raw edges by the plane. The sharp edges can hurt you while using the cutting board as do not look eye-catching. You need plane those edges and make sure the requirements as the faces of the cutting board.

Making a hole to hang

Putting the cutting board untidily in your kitchen is a negative habit that you should avoid. The cutting board is the place that you slice and cut your foods, it contacts directly with those foods. Therefore, if you are a careless person, you will turn your cutting board into the resident of harmful bacteria even if you clean it regularly. The best thing you should do is to hang it up in a stable position. Thus, you need to drill a small hole on a corner of the board by the driller.

Finishing the cutting board

After doing the steps above, you can have a new cutting board. However, in order to make it durable and can suffer from the influence of water, you need to soak it in the food grade mineral oil. This oil can create a new color for your cutting board as a layer of paint and keep it more durable.


10 Golden Rules For Safe Food Processing

Vegetable harvest isolated

1. Choosing safe foods

There are many types of foods, therefore, it is necessary to choose safe foods, for example, you should know how to choose meat, fish, vegetables, fruits or package foods.

2. Cooking foods thoroughly

Many kinds of raw foods such as poultry meat, eggs and unpasteurized milk contain bacteria which cause diseases, therefore, you should cook those foods thoroughly before eating.

3. Eating cooked foods immediately

The cooked foods will cool when you put them at the room temperature, this is an advantageous condition for the development of bacteria. The longer time you put foods, the higher risk of getting bacterial contamination. Thus, the safest solution is that you should eat foods immediately after they are cooked.

4. Storing cooked foods carefully

If you want to process foods first or want to keep leftovers, you must preserve those foods under either cool (near or below 10 °C) or hot (near or above 60 °C) conditions. This is the important rule for you if you want to preserve foods for over 4 -5 hours. All kinds of foods for children should not be stored. A normal mistake that lead to lots of food poisoning situations is originated from storing a large number of foods in the refrigerator. When there are too many kinds of food in a refrigerator, the cooked foods cannot get the necessary cold level. When foods keep moisture for a long time, bacteria will thrive and cause diseases.

5. Reheating cooked foods thoroughly

This is the best rule for you to avoid bacteria development during you preservation process (appropriate storage can decrease the development of bacteria but cannot eliminate the organisms). In addition, t reheating thoroughly means that you have to cook foods with at least 70 °C.

6. Do not put raw and cooked foods together

Cooked foods may be contaminated through when having exposure to the raw ones. For examples, you should not process raw meat then continue using the same knife and chopping board to slice cooked meat. Doing like that will regenerate organism which can cause diseases through foods.

7. Always keeping your hands cleanly

Before processing foods and after interruption such as going to the toilet or contacting with sources that are easy to contaminate, you should wash your hands carefully. For examples, after raw food preparation, you should remember to wash your hands before continue processing the other ones. And if your hands are injured, you must bandage or wrap the wounds before food preparation. In addition, you should remember that pets such as cat, dog, bird are always dangerous pathogens which can spread from your hands to foods.

8. Keeping all processing surfaces as well as kitchen clean

It is very easy for foods to be contaminated, therefore, any surface used for food processing need be clean. Only a small piece of food can also be the essential causes of the diseases. The dish towel and the other tools must be changed and boiled regularly before reusing. The towel to wipe the floor must be washed cleanly.

9. Protecting foods from rodents, insects, and other animals

There are always lots of pathogenic microorganisms which cause diseases living on the animals’ body. Therefore, the best way to store foods is that you should preserve them by kinds of close containers.

10. Using clean water

Clean water is an important factor for safe food processing as well as drinking making. If you do not have a clean source of water, you can boil it before using to process foods or make ice for drink. Be careful with any water source that you use to make foods for children.

A Daily Diet Is a Solution for Hair Loss

The hair fall problem is not only caused by outside weather agents and chemicals but the daily regime of each of us as well.  That the hair losses in large rampant or to an array are caused by the body suffered from the deficiency of required nutrition to feed the hair. Therefore, besides using shampoo or hair loss anti-oils to protect the hair, we should provide the hair with needed nutrition to the body daily to have a healthily shiny hair. Today, is going to introduce to you some of the supplement food groups, which are good not only for the body but the hair to prevent the hair fall problem as well.

Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair, close up (studio)

Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair, close up (studio)

  • Zinc

Zinc is needed to function to create the cells to balance the hormone in the hair and boosts the hair follicles.  The shortage in zinc that always leads the hair easy to be broken and hair ridge cleft because of crispness.

Types of foods that contain zinc

  • Seafood, especially, shrimp, clam which not only contain much amount of both vitamin and B12 vitamin, but they can prevent and stop the hair loss and the broken hair efficiently as well.
  • All red meats: these red meats contain much of A vitamin volume to help restrain from the hair loss and the dandruff scalp.
  • Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide compound likes other supplements, helps the body can absorb vitamins and minerals better to prevent the hair loss and weak hair.

Types of foods contain silicon dioxide:

Potato: it contains much of good vitamins for the body and prevents the hair loss quite well, beside kali, iron, phosphorus, C vitamin. Moreover, the potato can help the body to discard the hair loss and the white-turned hair sign.

  • Sprout peanut:  the sprout peanut contains much of B vitamin and C vitamin, to energize the body and also to generate blood cells to both body and hair condition.
  • Iron

Iron is a main type of vitamins in breeding hairs strongly and plays the main role in generating the hemoglobin which is an element in blood to infuse oxygen into the facial skin and other organs of the body. The more amount of oxygen is infused quickly into the body, the better the hair is taken care.

Types of food contain iron

Peanuts and cereals: they, containing a lot of iron level, is not only good for curing the hair loss but supplies need iron volume to the pregnant women as well.

  • Raisin: it not only contains iron, but the B synthetic vitamin and many other needed  minerals to help the body generate the red blood cells in the blood and promote the coagulation process and prevent the aging procedure in the hair roots.
  • Palm tree: it is said that palm tree is one of the fruits containing the most iron level and it quickly cures the hair loss problem.
  • Products from milk and butter

The products made of butter, calcium, zinc, D vitamin, magnesium, protein much helps to reduce the obesity, teeth decay, especially, prevents from the hair fall and incentive the hair follicles growth.

Even, yogurt contains many good vitamins for the growth of hair. You should have a cup of warm milk daily before sleeping to help you a light sleeping and a strong hair.

So just has listed many groups of good foods for preventing and curing the hair loss. Hope you all always have a good health and a strongly polished hair.


Intellectual labor, what should we eat to be healthier?

After 1 hour of manual labor, just a few hours of rest can recover our health. On the other hand, and after 1 hour of intellectual labor, you need even 1 week to recharge energy for your body energy. Therefore, it is necessary for those who involved in intellectual labor to have a special diet to maintain the good operation of the nervous system as well as the brain.

The key principles of nutrition for mental work are that keeping the energy of food ration as same as the energy consumption limit to use carbohydrate and lipid, should not provide excess energy because it easily leads to fat accumulation in the body. For adults, the average energy needed is about 2200-2400 kcal / day (including 15-17% of protein, lipids: 20%, carbohydrate: 60-65%) and it should be distributed as follows: in the morning: 12-25%, noon: 25-30%, afternoon: 25-30% and evening: 10-15%.

Through lots of research, scientists have concluded that the four following groups of nutrients are quite essential for brain activities:


This is the main source of energy for brain activity (brain consumes 40% of the body’s glucose levels). Lack of glucose, the brain will not work well, but the excess glucose is also not good for health. Therefore, we should choose foods with a low or medium level of sugar such as potatoes, grains, brown rice, beans, vegetables and fruits, those foods are enormously suitable for people of mental work. You should restrict the use of bleaching sugar, milk sugar (lactose).


Organizations brain is composed of 60% fat. The essential fats such as omega-3 (found in pumpkin seeds, canola), EPA and DHA (found in salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, algae, seaweed, eggs), omega-6 (found in corn, sunflower seeds, sesame), AA (found in meat, milk, eggs, squid) … are the indispensable raw materials in the structure of nerve cells, therefore, in order to help the brain works well, you should have at least 3 meals of sea fish a week or replace it with beans or other fish that containing rich of oil.

Amino acid

The amino acid is known as the main materials to synthesize RNA, DNA, and proteins. Protein accounts for about 35% the mass of nerve cells and plays the role as the important nutrient in the implementation of the thinking function, storing and recovering information out of the brain. The necessary amino acids for brain activity are tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, taurine. Kinds of food such as soy, corn, sunflower seeds, nuts, legumes, mushrooms, brown rice, pumpkins, tuna, salmon, sardines, chicken, eggs, yogurt, butter, meat …are very rich in protein and amino acids.

Vitamins and minerals

Woman touching her face

Woman touching her face

B vitamins have an important role in maintaining the operation of the nervous system through mechanisms to promote energy and other nutrients metabolisms, thus, we need to add this vitamin group when carrying out mental activities. Kinds of foods that are rich in vitamin B include grains, milk, eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, meat, chicken, beans, carrots, milk, liver … The minerals are the elements for body composition, engages in biological reactions, keeping water and electrolyte balance, especially the transmission of nerve impulses. Foods that are rich in minerals includes oysters, beef, toads, fish, eggs, radish, guava, kelp, marine fish, vegetables …

It also divided the beneficial nutrients for the brain into 5 groups. Group 1 is the nutrients help us be intelligent, they are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, zinc, manganese, iodine, calcium, iron, copper, selenium. Group 2 including the anti-fatigue, stress reduction, those nutrients are calcium, manganese, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin C and coenzyme Q10. Group 3: they are antidepressant for restoring brain cell membranes, this group inludes DHA, arachidonic acid. Group 4: foods to improve memory include: choline, boron, selenium, lycopene … Group 5 includes antioxidants, preventing cell aging: vitamin E, C, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, anthocyanidins.